Monday, June 26, 2006
All you need is love

Today is my anniversary. Four months! I'm so lucky - I married a really wonderful man. He's kind, and smart, and funny, and I'm so very very happy to be sharing my life with him.

He's so supportive of everything I do - including my crochet habit. In fact, when it comes to my yarn "problem" he's quite the enabler. Yesterday we went to Michaels. I wanted to buy a few colors to make another baby book ( I decided to give the first to his niece since I know what her baby's name will be and can finish it now, and make a new one for my niece to match her nursery colors). I have a self-imposed rule that I can not buy more yarn until I use up a lot of what I have. Well, he thought I should buy two skeins of everything - just in case. Then he thought I should buy another skein of the baby yarn that I'm working with ( an on-line friend is expecting a little boy any day now) - just in case. Then there was another kind of yarn that he liked and thought I should buy - just to see what it looks like. $50 later we're going home with a BIG bag of yarn. It's really nice that he is so supportive of my hobby.

So - current projects. Personalize the book I made, a new book in new colors, baby blanket for friend, bookmarks for shower, arms legs and ears for Gerry bear- and whatever else comes up.

I'm a happy hooker! Happy Anniversary, Honey!


Blogger Leslie said...

I'm so glad y'all are happy!

Blogger Christina said...

What a sweet husband you have! Congrats!

Blogger muse said...

Wonderful! You're a lucky girl!

I discovered Michaels at my Jan. visit to the states and came back with a rediculous amount of yarn, since I was in a rush and didn't have time to choose, so I just bought everything.

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