Friday, June 16, 2006
I have to THINK????
So I've been working on the cover for the baby book, and I must say I'm loving the look. It's an easy pattern and it looks so nice. Last night I got to the last row. Then I pulled out the book that it will cover.

Not long enough - no problem. A few more rows will actually make my stripe pattern better. This is a good thing.

Not wide enough - problem. Think think think....

Hubby suggests starting over. NEVER! If I frog it, I'll have lots and lots of short strands of yarn that I won't be able to do much with.

I re-read the pattern - for the 8th time, and I still don't quite get how the edging works - as a matter of fact, the pattern doesn't include the ruffle in the photo. That's minor - I can wing that, but what to do about the width...

Think think think......ok - I'm a genius. If I edge both sides and use the edging to wrap around the book cover, I actually have a solution that will look good and that will be easier! Leave off the ruffle on the cover and just do the ruffle on the photo "frame"!

Yes - I realize that until I post a photo, this makes no sense to anybody. The think is, that I had to THINK! I crochet to relax - not to think, but you know what? It was actually fun to come up with a solution! I did it! I can do it.

In no way is this my own design. I got he design on the web and its a GREAT design. I never even imagined a book cover as a project. But figuring this out was really satisfying and might be the first step towards starting to maybe think about perhaps, maybe, doing a design of my own. :)


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