Thursday, June 01, 2006
Things I don't get
I "get" the love of crochet. I have that need to pick up a hook and yarn and make something. I understand the appeal of crochet - how it is relaxing and productive all at once. I've felt the pain of crochet withdrawal. Yet, there are things that I just don't get.

Fridgies. I don't get "fridgies". It is only fairly recently, when I started spending a LOT of time surfing the web for crochet "stuff", that I heard the term "fridgie". I don't think that this is a term that most non-crafters are familiar with. Apparently, a "fridgie" is a little crochet thing that you can stick on your refrigerator - what I might refer to as a magnet. I have magnets. I understand the importance of magnets - sort of. I just don't get crochet "fridgies". With all the great stuff there is to crochet, I can't see investing my time, energy and yarn in a "fridgie". Just the name "fridgie" sounds so frivolous to me.

And what on earth did people crochet before the days of AOL? Do you have any idea of how many crochet projects there are involving CDs? I am convinced that these designs are a direct result of continued unsolicited mailings of AOL trial discs. We don't use them - or we do, and then we're stuck with them, so we are supposed to crochet around them and make coasters? Why? Or crochet around a bunch and attach them together to make a pretty little basket? Why? I'm all for recycling, but I have no problem throwing out old AOL discs and saving my yarn for things like sweaters, hats, animals and blankets.

Fridgies and CD crochet. Just two things that I just don't get.


Anonymous Jenny said...

I love fridgies because they are so easy to make in a short time. I have design a lamp fridgie.The pattern needs some changes.

Anonymous Kelli said...

I've never heard of a fridgie OR CD crochet and, after reading your rant, I will probably go to my grave without every attempting either project and I won't think any less of myself. Interesting!

I remember learning about fridgies when I first started crocheting. I never did make any--in part because I didn't want the hassle of dealing with the magnets. I have a few that other people made, though, and I like them well enough.

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