Thursday, May 18, 2006
Woe is me!
It's horrible that some of the things that we enjoy the most can be bad for us. For example. I enjoy eating chocolate - but it makes me fat. I accept that. I make allowances for it. But now it seems that my zeal for crochet is causing a repetitive strain injury. This is just not fair!!! I'm trying to take a break from crochet to give my wrist a break - don't want to develop carpal tunnel syndrome - but I am not happy!!

Hard to imagine how addictive crocheting can be.


Blogger EmmyElle said...

You do beautiful work! I understand the frustration of being hurt by the things you love most. I love fresh pineapple. I can eat pineapple 24/7 but after awhile it makes my teeth hurt. I guess that's why "they" say everything in moderation.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard about side effects from pineapple but sore teeth wasn't it.

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