Saturday, May 20, 2006
Serious withdrawal!

I've been trying to rest my wrist, so I stopped crocheting for two days. It's been torture! I can't believe how much crochet has become part of my routine. I bought a wrist support wrap and rests for my keyboard and mouse, so hopefully I'll nip this in the bud before it becomes serious.

I did allow myself one hour to crochet today, and found out that I really need to give it some more rest. I can't use my wrist and I hate it!!! I used my hour of crochet well, though.

As I mentioned we have babies expected in the family, and I want to make favors for the shower. I'm thinking of a book theme where people can bring books for the baby (of course there will be discussions with my co-planners) but if we go with that, I'll crochet bookmarks as shower favors. The pattern that I used was designed by another crocheter in Australia, and it is quite beautiful! I'll probably add a baby bead to the tassel, but these bookmarks on a card personalized with the shower information could be a nice and usable favor.


Blogger Margo said...

I hope the rest works and you are back at it. Such nice work that it is a shame you are being punished for it.

Blogger Leslie said...

Hi Wormie!

Carpal Tunnel is not really a repetetive stress injury by itself. It execerbated by stress, and mainly caused by unequal muscle use. Recommendation? Buy an excercise squeeze ball, the kind for building hand muscles, and use it for a bit each day. Try to use it on the whole hand, meaning hit the areas you wouldn't normally use for crocheting also. Then grab a very light weight (one to two pounds) and hold it in your hands when you walk - that will help strengthen your wrists. Also, get regular massages. Often, tension we hold in our neck and shoulders can cause a feeling similar to carpal tunnel. Pay attention to how you sit when you crochet. Looking down at your hands? Try using a desk or shelf to bring your hands up so you don't have to bend so far. See where I'm heading with this? Good lcuk!

Blogger Barbara said...

I hope your wrist is recuperating. Take care!!

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