Tuesday, May 30, 2006
Ok, so somebody will need to explain this to me. Amigurumi seems to be all the craze in crochet. Cute little Japanese style animals. I've seen so many crocheters try them, and the workmanship is amazing, but...... well......why? I mean, I've made stuffed bears and cats, but what is the appeal of these little critters? Am I missing something? Everyone seems to love them, but me.

So of course I just googled to find some examples in case someone reads this and doesn't know what Amigurumi is, and I found this pattern site. How embarrasing. I was going to rank on Amigurumi, but now I can't. The patterns on this site are ADORABLE!! Look at that Cow! I just love Cows and she is precious!! And check out the teeth on that Beaver. He has so much character! I don't love all of them, but the designer did an amazing job - they are wonderful - just look at the elephant.

I've searched the web for the history of Amigurumi, and have come up with nothing. Is this an old Japanese art? Is this a modern take on an old art? Is it even really Japanese? I need to know.

I probably won't start making ammigurumi animals - when I make animals I like to make cute cuddly baby animals, and these are more "grown up" characters, but I sure would love to understand the whole genre better.


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