Tuesday, June 13, 2006
Let's connect the dots

Today I went to the dermatologist for my body check.

So many freckles dots and blotches. He asked if I had any concerns and I showed him the new marks on my body. I didn't like his responses - liver spot (Eek!), age spot (Eeek!), some fancy name for red dots and marks that spring up anywhere (Eeeek!) - and those he tells me I'll get more of because they're genetic (Thanks, Mom). Soon Hubby will be able to play connect the dots.

So all the little marks I notice are fine, but then looks at the side of my nose. "How long have you had this tumor?" Tumor???? I thought it was a pesky pimple. Well, it's gone now - off to the lab for biopsy. And I look so very attractive with a Band Aid on the side of my nostril.

I'm sure it's nothing, and if it is something - it wasn't around for that long so it will be easily dealt with. The point is, its important to get checked yearly. Six years ago a routine body check with the dermatologist caught a very very early melanoma that was cut out before it even looked dangerous.

Life is short and should be enjoyed. So pardon my preaching, but do what you can to protect yourself. That means a healthy diet, exercise, sunscreen, but also the annual medical checks - pap smears, mammograms, dermatologist checks (prostate exams for the guys). These tests save lives!

Tune is next week for Wormie's mammogram memories.


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Wow! Be healthy!

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