Saturday, June 10, 2006
UFOs and WIPs

Nope - not some kinky alien party - just some crochet "lingo". UFOs are unfinished objects. WIPs are works in progress. I generally try to just make one thing at a time, but lately, I've been doubling up. It's not yet a problem, but I feel like I haven't completed anything lately!!!

I mentioned earlier that I'm making another bear like Lulu for my niece's expected baby. This is him - Gerry Bear, but right now he looks sort of like a Stumpy. I must give him ears, eyes and legs. This pattern isn't hard, but the legs require a lot of counting and concentration. I got them with Lulu bear, but with this soft and fuzzy yarn it is really hard to count the stitches properly. I've made and frogged (another crochet term for unravelling a project - "rip it, rip it") several legs. Tomorrow I will try to sit down and get some real legs made, because I think Gerry will be adorable if he ever gets done. Right now he's a soft and huggable blind baby harp seal.

I was in Vegas for 5 days last week on business. Got a bunch of bookmarks made and started working on a baby book that I'm really enjoying. I'll post photos eventually - that will be a time consuming project, but if it comes out right, it will be nice.

So I have my UFOs and my WIPs and I feell guilty that I haven't done any charity work recently. It's hard out there for a hooker. ;-)


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