Sunday, June 11, 2006
Oh Say Can You See

Fellow Crocheters Rejoice!!! The product we’ve dreamed of is here!!!

Lighted Crochet Hooks!!!

Now you can crochet where it was never possible before, and the gentle glow
of this crochet hook illuminates your work without disturbing others.
You'll never drop another stitch because of poor
* while watching tv at night
* in bed
* concerts
* as a passenger on the bus, train or car
* movie theater
* around the campfire

Yippie! It always bothered me when I go to a concert and they turn the lights down low! Movie theaters, too – I mean I pay over $7.00 to get into a movie, and I can’t even see my stitches!!!

Now I love crochet as much as any other hooker, but let’s be serious. When I need to crochet at the movie theater, I go prepared. Miner Helmet - don't leave home without it.


Blogger Bridgette said...

But I want one! (the hook, not the helmet) Not enough to pay $35 for it, but how very cool!

Of course, I lose at least one hook a week. It's definitely not something I should invest in, but... but....

It'd be great for the car.

(I agree, though, leave it behind at concerts and theaters!)

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