Tuesday, June 13, 2006
Who's behind that mask?

Kristie, who was nice enough to let me test her cat pattern, just let me test her new raccoon pattern. I hate to praise my own work to much, but I just LOVE him! Honestly, he was easy to make - Kristie's patterns are great!

Thanks Kristie!


Oh he is just adorable!!! I love his little face!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

He is just wonderful! Craft fairs, I'm telling you! He would be snapped up in a minute.


Blogger Wormie said...


He is cute!

Cindy - Kristie can make and sell him at craft fairs. It's her original copy. I can't sell any because I didn't design them and I don't have rights to the design. I can make them for me and for friends though. :-)

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