Monday, June 19, 2006
Mammogram Monday

So today was the big squish.

You know what? With the new technology and the new mammography machines, it's really not that bad. I know - it's not fun to stand bare-chested with your breast squashed like a pancake, but it really doesn't hurt like it used to. I wouldn't call it fun, but about 3 minutes of discomfort is nothing if it can help you detect and deal with a problem early.

Ladies - if you're 40 or older go for your annual mammogram and pap smear. Gentlemen - encourage the ladies that you love to get their regular exams - and get yours too.

Breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer - all of these can be easily detected early if we just follow the recommended tests.

Cancer can effect anyone- men, women, even little kids. We all have the ability to lower our risks. I make a lot of chemo caps. I hope that I never have a need for one myself. Hope you don't either.


Blogger Dr. Momentum said...

I'm glad they don't use the same technology for the, er, male exams.

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