Monday, July 03, 2006
Baby Blocking

Just finished this hat and carriage cover for one of my on-line friends who had a precious baby boy last week.

I used a pattern that required a new stitch, what the designer called a "single crochet front back bobble". I really enjoyed this stitch as it was fun to do and added some dimension to the blanket.

My choice of the self striping Baby Coordinates yarn, however, might not have been thet best. I love the yarn, but I think the dimension and color changes made it harder for me to maintain the pattern correctly. The carriage cover is quite lopsided, and I was hesitant to send it to my friend.

In the end, I wet it and blocked it, and while not perfect, it is shaped better now. When it dries, I'll pack up the set for baby.


Blogger Christina said...

Wormie, that is gorgeous!

Blogger Vik said...

Beautiful! I love the colors you chose!

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