Sunday, July 09, 2006
Babies on their way

With two babies expected soon there is a lot of excitement in our family. Hubby's niece is expecting her first baby this month. I finally got around to finishing the baby book for her little cutie. Using iron-on embellishments I personalized the book and added some flowers.

My niece is expecting her first in November. She and her husband have decided not to find out the baby's sex, and are decorating their nursery in beautiful shades of yellow and green. I just finished the striped baby book for them. I still have to make the photo frame for the cover, but that part is easy.

Inside the books are 28 pages of important baby information. Birth stats, family tree, baby's firsts, holidays, birthdays etc.

I'm so pleased with how these turned out. I think they'll be nice gifts. And I got myself a gift too! I went to Kinkos to print out the pages in color. $0.99 a page! They must be nuts. Luckily, Office Max had a demo color laser printer on sale. I got it at half price! I'm sure it will pay for itself before the end of the year.


Blogger Tina said...

I just love your books. I want to make one soon, it will probably just be a photo album book though, since I already bought a 'Pooh Bear' baby book. Thanks so much for sharing these with us, I never would have saw them on my own. And you did such a good job on yours. Congratulations on your new present! It probably will pay for itself, and you can make lots more baby books, too. ;p

Blogger Batya said...

Gorgeous stuff.

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