Friday, July 21, 2006
That's what friends are for

For me it's a big compliment when somebody asks me to crochet something for them. I've only been crocheting for less than two years, and still have a lot to learn. I make a lot for charity and for gifts, but if somebody asks me to make something for them, it makes me feel really good about my progress.

A friend asked me to make a receiving blanket for a baby girl, so I made this one using crazy stitch. I love how fast and easy this stitch is. It's relaxing - doesn't require a lot of counting and marking, and it results in a nice textured look that appears a lot more intricate than it really is. What good is a baby blanket without a matching hat? I made to coordinating hats - one for an infant and one for a big girl (toddler) size.

I hope baby can use them.


Anonymous Cindy said...

Oh, Delia, those are beautiful! You shouldn't be surprised that people ask you to crochet things.Hmmm... I wonder if you could make Poe a baby hat?

Kidding. The baby who will use this set is one very lucky little bunny, though.

Blogger Zoanna said...

Very pretty. Love the sparkly look. IF the baby tolerates things on her head (some refuse) then she will like this one. I like the modern appeal of the colors in your blanket. Sometimes crocheted baby blankets look like little old ladies made them and they're itchy. Not so with this one.

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