Sunday, September 10, 2006
First Original Pattern: Kitty Lay and Play

While procrastinating on my next big project, I decided to make a few quick cat things to send to the cat shelter in Anchorage. While making a nice soft cat mat, I started to think about what my fur-babies love, and that gave me the idea for the Kitty Lay and Play – my first original design!

This is so simple that I hesitate to call it a design, but I think it’s a good cat item and wanted to share it. It's basically a cat blanket with an attached tassel toy.

My kitties love rough textures. They rub themselves on mats and sisal whenever they can, so I thought that a textured blanket might be better than the nice soft one I was working on.

I used Lily Sugar and Cream with a G hook, but you can use any worsted weight yarn with the hook size of your choice. You can also make this as big or as small as you like depending on the size of your furry friend. Mine is rather small – about 11” x 14”.

Stitches used: CH, SC, DC, FPDC, BPDC
This is a very simple pattern. I would call it advanced beginner - only because of the front and back post stitches.

To make one:

(throughout the pattern your turning chains count as your first DC)

1) Chain 57 (or any odd number of stitches to match the width that you want). Double crochet in the second stitch from hook and across to the end.
2) Turn and Chain 2 (this is your first DC). * in next stitch FPDC, DC in next stitch * Repeat this pattern across to end. You will end on a DC
3) Turn and chain 2. * In next stitch BPDC, DC in next stitch* Repeat pattern across to the end. You will end on a DC

The DC always goes in the DC of the previous row. The BPDC goes around the FPDC of the previous row.

Repeat rows 2 and 3 until you reach the size that you would like.
This pattern creates a ribbed texture across the blanket.

To finish: do 3 sc in the corner where you ended. SC in each stitch down the side.
At the next corner: 2sc, chain 5, sc in same sc, sc (three sc with a loop in the center)
Continue sc all the way around the piece and finish off. Weave in end.

For the tassel:
Leaving a 3 inch tail, Chain 35
Attach to the corner loop that you made with a sc
SC back down the length of the chain
End off leaving a 3 inch tail
Tie the two tail ends together.

Wrap the yarn around three fingers about 30 times (more will make a fuller pom pom, less will make a looser tassel). Slide the yarn off your fingers and thread the chain tails through. Tie ends tightly through the loop. Cut loops on the opposite side of the ties to create the tassel/pom pom.

This is a very simple pattern, but it is my first original. Feel free to use it for personal pieces and for charity, but please do not copy and post it elsewhere. You can post links to this pattern if you’d like to share it.


Anonymous Yarntastic said...

What an awesome idea!! Love the tassel idea.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh i love this and my cat will too got to make this thanks for sharing

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It IS a pattern...and a darn cute one too!
You made written instructions that show step by step how to make something..that's a pattern.

Think about it..there are patterns for dishcloths, and afghans..both just a rectangle that usually gains it's uniqueness by way of technique( a stitch or color usage)
This is no less a pattern than those items are..and people often pay good money for patterns to those things.

Dont sell yourself short just because it is something simple.

Blogger CHERYL said...

I have been looking for a pattern that my furry kid would enjoy, as she is always wanting to take over whatever it is that I am working on. When I came across this, I thought that I would beat her at her own game. And you know what, it worked!!
Thank you so much

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