Monday, October 23, 2006
I want my highspeed!!!!

I remember typing on a manual typewriter as a kid. In college I was lucky to have an electric typewriter, and by my junior year I actually could take the train home on weekends to use my fathers PC. It was a big green box, the size of a small car, but with Wordstar I was able to edit my long term papers without whiteout!! It was wonderful!

Now, I can't survive without my computer. My highspeed has been down for a whole week, and it's been incredibly stressful!!!!

The good thing about not having internet access is that it creates more time to crochet. I did got quite a bit done this weekend. In addition to a bunch of squares for afghans, I was able to make a shawl for my friend's grandma.

I started out using this pattern from Lion Brand, but didn't like the way that the triangle was looking, so I frogged it and used the same basic stitch pattern to make a rectangular shawl. Apparently I added some stitches somewhere as the thing isn't perfectly "square", but it is soft and warm and I hope Grandma likes it.

It was made with Lion Homespun yarn and trimmed along one edge with a complimentary color.


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