Monday, October 02, 2006
Happy Birthday
to me!!!

Yes, today is the day that I officially became......middle aged. Ok, so I already was middle-aged, but whatever.

Today was also Yom Kippur. Being Jewish, and observing Yom Kippur means that my day was spent in synagogue praying, and fasting. Lots of people say "too bad" when that happens. In actuality, it hasn't happened very often in my mumble-mumble years. As a kid it sort of stinks. As an adult, it's really not so bad.

The way that I look at it, we should be celebrating life every day. We also should be striving to be better people every day. Life is short and every day is a chance to live and to try to live right. Today was a formal day to celebrate my life and to repent for my sins, and somehow those two occasions falling on the same day just seemed right. Like I'm starting a new year with a clean slate and a chance to make the coming year the best yet!

So, no big parties today, but after the holiday my honey made me a wonderful meal to break the fast. I got great food, beautiful roses, and lots of great wishes from family and friends. All in all, a perfect birthday!


Blogger old lady said...

Hope you had a wonderful crochety day!

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