Friday, October 20, 2006
So many causes, so little time.
My husband has recently pointed out that crocheting, which brings me so much joy and relaxation, is starting to stress me out. Not the crocheting per se, but my need to be involved in every project. There are so many charitable causes and so many in need, and each time I hear of a new cause or a new family in need, I want to be involved. Right now I'm involved in making four different charity afghans, a shawl for a friends sick grandmother, and several gift projects for the holidays. I love it all, but I'm starting to have too many WIPS and not enough going into the completed pile.

It's hard because we all have our charities and causes of choice. There are places that I donate to regularly because they hold special meaning to me. Then I hear stories from others that tug at my heart strings, and I want to help.

I sometimes get frustrated because there is so much need in the world, and I can't make a big difference. When looking at World Hunger, my $20 check doesn't seem like much. When looking at homelessness, my afghan doesn't go very far. I want to make a difference and it sometimes seems impossible.

Then I look on the Web at groups like Crochetville, Hearts and Hands and EA Cares, and see so many others who are also trying to make a difference one project at a time and one dollar at a time. I see people who haven't crocheted in years pick up a hook to participate in a group project. I see people who can't crochet write checks to support a family in need. I see an outpouring of love and care that really warms my heart and gives me hope.

I don't have the skills or the money to cure cancer, but I CAN make a difference one dollar and one chemo cap at a time. It doesn't seem like much, but if everyone makes a conscious effort to give just a little bit, we can really achieve a lot!

So, I need to stop worrying about all the projects that I can't do, and focus on the small difference that I can make, and know that if everyone does the same, we as a community can move mountains.


Blogger Leslie said...

D, you are the most generous person I know. You can cut back on the taking care of others and take care of you for once. It's ok, I promise. :D

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