Wednesday, December 06, 2006
Can you smell that smell?
I can't believe I'm sharing this story! I had NO intention of telling anyone that actually knows me this story - much less post it on the web, but I shared it with the good folks at Crochetville and realized that its more common than I had thought, so....without further delay - here is my disgusting tale du jour.

I do NOT like to get up for work in the morning. I'm NOT a morning person - love my sleep and have to literally drag myself out of bed at 6am for work. This morning I woke up at 5. Didn't know why. Very unusual. I was glad to see I had another hour to sleep - ran into the bathroom and back to bed for my last hour snooze when I smelled something - something unpleasant. I smelled my pillow - then another. Hhm. What is it - it's horrible!

Well, my new kittie that I totally totally love was sleeping by my head. Suddenly I had this horrible realization that I was smelling cat poo! I wake the hubby - what else to do? I didn't have my contacts in and I'm blind as a bat. I say "Honey - I think he has a dirty butt". Off I go back to the bathroom to get a wet wipe and clean him up. "Honey - I need you - something is very wrong".

Poor kitty (this is gross). When we got him he was so so so so sick. I really thought he was going to die. Just last Friday he cost me a fortune at the vet for all sorts of tests. He couldn't breath - he wasn't eating or drinking. Then suddenly he was the happiest most loving cat on earth. Well, I guess his system started working and he got up to use the box. I also guess that I woke up when he jumped back into my bed. Apparently said sweet kittie stepped in his "business" on the way out of the box, and had.....stuff..... mushed between his toes.

Gag!!!! Hubby and I grab him, take him into the bathroom and go to work with the wet ones. Kitty is not loving it, but he's well behaved and put up with the indignity of a sponge bath. Finally we get most of it, but this kitty needs a real bath. Not fun at this hour in the morning. I put in the contacts, hubby puts on swim trunks and hubby and kitty get ready for the shower.

I'm worried that kitty will freak - none of my other cats have ever liked water - so I turn on a bit of water in the sink to see how he reacts. He loves it. He's drinking water. He's splattering me. He's having a grand old time. So we put him in the shower - he didn't love that as much, and hubby bathed him. I blew dry his coat. We wiped down the entire bathroom with disinfectant. Stripped the bed and threw in the laundry. Checked the floors for suspect "footprints" and laughed that we don't have kids so we have to wipe poop out of the cats foot.

I hope this never happens again! On one level it is beyond repulsive - on another - there is an element of humor which I'm sure I'll someday appreciate. Till them, I missed out on my beauty sleep and I'm tired!


Blogger wendyb532 said...

Oh Boy, what a way to start the day! I feel for you. We got our cat this past July, first one for us. His name is Puskin and he is 11 years old. We adopted him from the local Humane Society too. He also loves to cuddle in bed and more than once I have had to wipe his butt, but fortunatly that's been all I had to do. Hopefully I won't encounter what you did this morning.

I am glad to hear he is feeling better now anyway. Is he over his respritory problems completly?

Blogger Wormie said...

Thanks, Wendy!
I'm hoping he's all better now. He is breathing clearly and the big scab on his nose has finally fallen off. I think he's going to be just fine! :)
I'm sure Puskin is precious! It's great of you to adopt an older cat. So many people only want kittens and older cats are so sweet and need good homes, too!

Anonymous Ro- said...

Ohman....what a way to have to wake up. Especially when you thought you had another hour to sleep. I was cracking up reading your story. But as a mother of 2 cats I have had my fair share of "poo" stories!

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