Wednesday, November 22, 2006
I take a break from my WIP.....

I promised myself that I wouldn't take on anything new until I finished my WIP. Now I guess I'm a liar. Well, it's for a good cause.

One of the members at Crochetville is making a comfortghan for her Grandaughter who is facing some serious medical issues. The girl is just 14 and going through more than any young girl should have to. What really got to me though, is that despite her own problems, she has tremendous compassion for the other children in the hospital and feels lucky that she got to go home when so many other kids couldn't. She asked her Grandma to help make things for the kids in the hospital for the holidays. I think that is so selfless and generous that I really wanted to make a square for her comfortghan.

The square is pictured above. The center is actually a very bright deep pink with white and sage. I think the colors are cheerful.

Also pictured is the start of my first ripple afghan which my dear friend Cindy will be donating to the clinic where she works.

So....I didn't work on my existing WIP today, but it's almost Thanksgiving, and this felt right. :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay! Delia, our ripple is gorgeous! I love it- how lovely.

And, the square you made for the little girl is just beautiful, too. You are such a thoughtful person.

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