Monday, November 13, 2006
Busy but fun!
Well, after a bout of crocheting stress about how all the current WIPS were going to get done on time, I've calmed down and am able to enjoy crocheting again!

This weekend I focused on joining the squares for the EA Cares Monsterghan. This is rather big, but it's nice! Now that the joining is done, the edging is going very fast. It will be edged in red, white and blue - the blue is done and I expect the entire thing to be completed within the next few days and ready for mailing. I'm a bit disappointed that it is slightly rippled along the edges, but with so many variations is square pattern, size, and yarn type, I don't think I could have done much better. I so wanted this to be perfect, but then I realize it was made with love, and what is "perfect". The sentiment is what matters more.

In a few days this will be ready to mail to the family, and I can get moving with the tea cozy, baby blankets and rippleghans. :)


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