Friday, October 27, 2006
Thank goodness for multiple addictions!

My highspeed at home has been out for TWO WEEKS! This has been very trying on us! Hubby and I are internet addicts. Luckily, I also have crochet, so I've been busy. I'm finishing up a lapghan that will be going to a traumatic brain injury unit. It's a simple pattern that I've really enjoyed making. Should be done with it this weekend, and can post a photo then.

I'm also working on the EA Cares afghan. The other crafters squares will be arriving soon, and I can start joining. I'm trying a new method (for me) on the lapghan above, and like it, so hopefully it will work well for this project too!

Feeling pressure as I do, to get involved in so many causes, I've sent off two baby caps for the Caps to the Capital project. I hope to do more, but getting two out takes the pressure off. Now I'll try to make as many as I can, but I don't feel the pressure as I am already officially "involved" in the program.

Also working on the trees - which are really quick to make and great for a quick break.

My TMJ is acting up horribly - worse than its been in 20 years, and it's making me rather miserable. I've actually looked into seeing a chiropractor. I've been told that it might also help with my frequent headaches and belly aches, so I'm ready to try anything!!!

Looking forwards to a weekend to rest, crochet, and hopefully internet!


Blogger christine said...

I would like to get some of the patterns that are on blog. They are beautiful and I would like do crochet/knit some to donate to the local hospitals here in Australia.

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