Thursday, November 02, 2006
Very Busy with the Hook!
I've been busy hooking lately and am loving it!!!

Last night I finally finished my Embrace. I blogged about this a long time ago! When my MIL had surgery in September I wanted to make something for her to take to rehab with her. Something that she could wrap up in, and that would be like a long-distance hug. I wanted it to be soft and warm, loose fitting but structured - it should loosely hug the body, but stay put so as not to interfere with wheelchairs, walkers, and IVs. The result was my "Embrace" - a cross between a shawl, vest, and a ruana - secured under the arms to stay put, tied in front to stay closed, warm and comfy, and big pockets - you need pockets when you are using a walker or a cane.

Well, Carole (my MIL) thrilled us all by healing faster than imagined! She never went to the rehab center - she went home after a few days in the hospital, and I'm glad to report that she's doing incredibly well!!! My first attempt at an "Embrace" was way too big, so I modified, reworked and finally finished last night! I'll post pictures and the pattern tonight! It wasn't finished in time for her to use in the hospital, but I figured that a long-distance embrace is always ok!

The current project that I am most excited about, though, is the EA Cares Afghan that I'm involved with. Several people - including some who have never really crocheted much before got together to make squares for an afghan. The afghan will be sent to the family of a fallen marine - a family whose story brought tears to our eyes, and renewed our respect for our troops and their families.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the "Embrace" it sounds so lovely! Hurry and post a pic! LOL!

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Blogger Wormie said...

Without sitting down to make one, I'm hard pressed to tell you the stitch count for a toddler size. I would just follow the basic formula and work by eye. Sorry, I know that's not much help.

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