Wednesday, November 01, 2006
Heaven in a yarn store
A few weeks ago I drove past a strip mall near work and saw a sign that said "AC Moore - Opening Soon". Having heard about AC Moore Stores, and having never been in one, I was rather excited.

By chance, I drove by the location today at lunch and saw a sign that said "Now Open". Of course, like any respectable crafter, I made a change in course and went! Parked right in front and went in. It was a strange feeling! I walked in. Everything was clean and neat. The store even smelled clean and new! Happy employees whee everywhere - maybe 30 or 40 of them, and they all were friendly and cheerful! They all said hello as I walked by.

The store has their grand opening this Sunday, and today is the first day that they opened their doors to customers. Let me say that walking into this AC Moore store was a blog-worthy experience. I felt like skipping though the aisles! I was so excited! Everything was beautiful!

Then....I found the yarn department!!! Oh MY! This department is huge!!! 5 glorious walls of yarn - all lined up nice and neat. Prices clearly marked. More colors available than I could have imagined. Brands that I have never heard of. Heaven. It was heaven! And the assortments of hooks, and pattern books are just amazing!

I am one happy worm!


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