Wednesday, November 15, 2006
On life and death
Today was a really hard day. I think hubby and I were in a daze. Birdie's death was so sudden and so unexpected. Our pets fill a special place in our hearts, and it hurts so much when they're gone.

When we were talking last night, I was crying, and I said that as awful as it is when we lose them, our pets add so much to our lives and it's so worth the pain. Still the pain doesn't go away.

I've learned from experience that when I'm really hurting I need to do something positive. I can empower myself by finding something that I can do that will somehow make a difference. So this afternoon I talked to hubby and told him that we need to think about bringing another cat into our home and into our family. Nothing I can do will bring Birdie back. No other animal can replace her in our family and in our hearts.

We are lucky in that we have the ways and means to help another animal in need. We have enough love to share with another pet. The shelter is full of wonderful dogs and cats that were abandoned or strays, and if we can't bring Birdie back, we CAN make the life of another animal better.

I thought that perhaps this weekend we would go to the shelter and look into adopting another cat. Well, as someone wise once said, there is no time like the present.

So..... Welcome Gordo.

Gordo is 20 pounds of big beautiful teddy bear kitty. He's 7 years old and for some reason was given up by his family. He's layed back, mellow and very snuggly. He's a bit freaked out and is hiding, but Bogey and Scooter seem to be accepting him pretty well, and once he feels comfortable enough to come out, I think he'll fit right in just fine.

I would do anything if I could bring my Birdie back and make her healthy and happy, but I can't. I'm glad that I can offer a good home to Gordo.


Anonymous OneCraftySAHM said...

How sweet. What a great perspective you have. I'm not sure I could be that brave. Our dog, who is about 15 now has been down all day. She's just lying around and can hardly get up. It's so depressing. Poor thing.

Blogger vicki said...

wormie, i think you did a wonderful thing giving your new fur baby a home, and of course we know this little(hehe) guy can never replace birdie but your not trying to do that, just ease your pain and i am glad you have your new fur baby. god bless you and i hope you find comofort knowing birdie didn't suffer and is now waiting for you at the rainbow bridge god bless sweetie my thoughts are with you today and always. i hope things are getting better for you, i think its time for the bad things to stop and since you adopted your new baby i think maybe it is turned around and going to get better am hoping it is so for you. take care and if you need a ear sometime, just pm me i often am around the ville hugs sweetie take care and enjoy your new son

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