Tuesday, November 14, 2006
The more you have, the more you need
It's been just two weeks since AC Moore opened a store near my job - the first in the area!! I have been taking full advantage of the close proximity and have been there several times. It's delightful. They have such a great assortment of yarn and run great sales! Who am I to pass up a bargain?

And then there is just stuff that you see and have to have. The other stores near me rarely have Tunisian hooks or double ended hooks. AC Moore does, so I bought yet another Tunisian hook and my first double ended. They have a great selection of pattern books, and even though my to-do list is rather long, how can I not buy a great book when I have a 40% coupon!

I finished up Holiday shopping for the the kids. Monster toys and models for the boys. Hello Kitty for the girl. All on sale!!!

Yesterday on a whim, I went in looking for an old fashioned knitting stand. I usually crochet in the office, and the desk ends up covered with yarn. If I have a knitting basket, I can keep my WIP in there and tuck it under the desk when I'm not using it. They had a really cute colorful one. I read the wrong tag, and thought it was $16.99. Compared to the prices I've seen in other stores this was a deal. I've seen them on-line for slightly less, but then shipping charges get add on. I took it and my 40% off coupon to the register. Woo Hoo! It rang up at $9.99 - I thought it was on sale, but this was actually the tagged price. With my coupon it was $5.99. Woo Hoo!

I'm supposed to cut back on spending, but crochet things are a necessity, and with my knitting stand my office is so much cleaner!

Ain't hobbies grand?


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