Monday, December 04, 2006
Happy Birthday, Honey!
Today is hubby's birthday. I had wanted to make the day super special, but things didn't go as planned. On Saturday I threw out my back. This has never happened before, and until it does you don't realize just how much you can't do without a functioning back. Thankfully the pain isn't that bad - so long as I don't try to do much. So, after a visit to the chiropractor, and a phone call to work to say that I won't be there, I spent most of the day sleeping.

Did take hubby out for dinner. I wasn't about to stand and cook, and I wasn't going to have him cook his birthday dinner.

Now I'm trying to catch up on some crochet. I wasn't able to crochet today - somehow it put pressure on my back! Eek.

But I did get to spend the day at home with my honey, and it was a nice quiet, if not active, day. And Mr. Tater was very glad to have us both home pretty much all weekend and today. He's not hiding and he's a snuggle monster.

Here is a photo from Saturday. I just got home from the chiro and was icing my back, and Tate was keeping me company.

So.... Happy Birthday, Honey! It may not have been a super exciting birthday, but we have 364 more chances to make it an amazing year!!!


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