Friday, March 16, 2007
A change in plans
Months ago my good friend Cindy asked me to make two lapghans for her to donate to the clinic where she volunteers. I was thrilled to do it. We worked together to select the yarn, and she picked some really great colors of Lion Homespun for me to make two soft and cuddly throws.

I finished the first in February, and am quite pleased with how it came out. It was my first ripple pattern, and I posted it on my blog last month.

Now I have to make the second throw, and I've been procrastinating because as much as I like the finished look, the thought of doing another ripple was making me sick. I love the pattern, but working it was so monotonous and it was a real chore to get through.

Tonight I decided to start the second afghan, but I knew I had to find a different pattern that would be more fun. I decided to use this Easy Openwork Pattern, but to make it coordinate with the first afghan, I'm working it in blocks of 3 color rows. I got through the first three color blocks, and I think it will look good.

The best part is that the pattern isn't too complicated, but it's varied by row and includes different stitches, so it's easy to make, but fun! Not at all tedious. It seems to be working up really quickly, and I'm finding it fun and relaxing to do.

Cindy - I hope you like this pattern!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow - I just love it! That is very beautiful, and those two afghans will look really wonderful together. I love it!

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