Monday, March 26, 2007
Ok, I admit it. The new job is running me ragged. I'm glad I took it. I work with great people. It's going to wonderful, but right now its overwhelming and stressful, and working 10-14 hour days plus time on weekends is getting to my physically and mentally. I'm stressed out, exhausted, hypertensive and short tempered. I don't have enough crochet time, I haven't yet done my taxes, my house isn't as clean as I would like and I just need a break - which I'm not going to get anytime soon since I just started a new job.

It's a great job and it's going to all fall into place, but until then, I am short tempered and have little patience for things that rub me the wrong way.

Like the whole outrage about John Edwards running for President in light of his wife's diagnosis. Whether or not you like their politics, I think the Edwards are good people (and yeah, I like their politics, but that's not the discussion). Mrs. Edwards cancer is a rare form and it's treatable. We have a family member who was diagnosed with the same cancer 11 years ago. Let me assure you she is alive and active. She works full time, she has a family life and a social life. She does have to go for treatments periodically, but the cancer wasn't a death sentence.

I think that anyone who is facing a serious illness has to discuss with their loved ones how they want to live and how they want to deal with the challenge. I hope that Mrs. Edwards can control her disease, and I applaud her for her decision to continue to plan for her life and not for her death. I think she's making a great statement to her children - that you deal with what life pans out for you and you live the best life you can pursing your dreams.

Some people think that the Edwards decision to run is paramount to child abuse - they should spend her last days with her kids. Let's not assume that she's on her death bed. Let's pray, or hope, or send good wishes for her continued strength to beat this thing.

If you don't like Edwards politics - don't vote for him. If you don't think that he should be running when his wife is ill - don't vote for him. If you think that a sick family member or young children won't allow the man to devote himself to his job - don't vote for him. I just wish that people could respect the family for their strength and for the decision they've made - even if they don't like the decision.

I don't yet know who I'll vote for in 2008. I do know that I respect the Edwards family and wish them all well.

When I'm tired and stressed, I lose patience for things that I feel are unkind or mean-spirited. I think that so much of what I've heard about the Edwards family is really unkind. Every registered voter in this country has a voice and I really hope they all use it by voting in the next election. That election is still a long way off, and right now I wish people could wish the Edwards family well and maybe - just maybe - think about things like cancer research, and health care accessibility so that fewer other families will have to worry about how to plan their career and their lives with cancer.

So now I've ranted and feel less stressed and can continue to make the afghan that will be donated to a clinic for AIDS patients - another group who needs research dollars, access to health care, and our compassion.


Anonymous Lynn said...

Amen, my friend. I think part of the problem is that every DOES hear cancer as an instant death sentence, and they need to understand that it is not so. I think you have said it well here, though. :-)

Blogger Jude said...

Well said...negative,judgemental attitudes are a form of cancer that run rampant in our society. If anyone will beat this disease, she will.

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