Thursday, June 28, 2007
WW Week One
First weekly weight watchers weigh in - down two pounds!
It was easy to stick to the plan. I found so many low point options for lunch and dinner, that I indulged in Pizza for dinner - not once but twice this week.
Biggest obstacle - water. I KNOW from past experience that drinking water helps with weight loss - and just makes me feel good - so if I can get on track with water and exercise - this could be good.
My back is hurting so we'll attack the water challenge first, then see what we can do about putting down the hook and putting on the sneakers a bit more. :)


Blogger Sara said...

Yay!!! I weigh in tomorrow and I'm nervous. I used all my extra 35 points in the last two days.

I don't drink enough water either and in this heat it is so hard to talk myself into exercising.

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