Thursday, December 27, 2007
Sale Glorious Sale!!!
Since we moved I've been paying to maintain two houses, and it's been a bit tight on my purse strings. I've been cutting down on spending, and have not been buying yarn and fleece. Fortunately, I moved with quite a stash, so it hasn't been hard to control myself.

Then today I got an e-mail from Joann's. It said "Fleece Sale". I couldn't help myself. I went at lunchtime and found the cutest Fleece Ever!!! I just went downstairs and cut and Edgerydoo'd and I'm about to start a new baby blanket that I plan to send to my little MCK Warrior baby (I made him the teddy bear one, but I think this one will be more Warrior-like).

I also got the cutest sailboat fleece and some great pink and blue baby prints. At Bargain Prices! Hubby says I should stock up now while the stocking is good!

Happy Happy Joy Joy! Nothing like a little craft-spending to brighten my day!


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