Friday, December 21, 2007
Doing the Doo
Since the big move, I haven't had a chance to get busy with my Edgerydoo! First I had to find the box with the templates and my fleece. Then I had to buy a new punching pad and get stuff set up. I'm not quite there, but I've been missing "the doo".

One of the Marine Corps Mom's who I've been corresponding with is going to give birth soon. Her little guy isn't quite due yet, but seems eager to say hi to his mom! I want to have a nice gift for him, so I found my fabric and am back to edging! It's fun! I'll post when I'm done - it's going to be very similar to something I've already made, but I have some soft and really cute fleece to make a blanket for this little boy.

For those of you who haven't tried the Edgerydoo, check out their website! This simple kit makes it so easy for crocheters at all skill levels to quickly make some really fun things! I just love it!!


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