Friday, November 23, 2007
Sense of Community
We love this town.

One of the things we hated about Florida, was that there was no sense of community or neighborhood. People went about their personal business, and while strangers might smile at each other on the street, they remained strangers. In NYC there was a much greater sense of community, and I missed that.

Well, now we're in this small town in Indiana, and the sense of community is wonderful. People talk to each other in public places. There are cultural and community events. It's wonderful! This tiny town offers so much - its really fabulous.

A friend at work told me that on the Friday after Thanksgiving, there is a canopy lighting ceremony in the square downtown. They light the tree in in front of the courthouse and all the trees along the square, and Santa comes to greet the kids. Well, we're not kids, we don't have kids, and we're not Christians, but we wanted to be part of it so we went. What a great time.

We went into the courthouse for the first time. Inside was a gorgeous tree decorated for Christmas. It was tastefully covered in small white lights, gold and silver balls, and white streamers marking the 100th anniversary of the courthouse building. As we moved closer to see the tree, we looked up through the 3 story vestibule and saw that the dome of the courthouse is breathtakingly beautiful! I've looked online to find photos to post, but couldn't find any. The dome is decorated with lovely stained glass windows and beautiful murals. It literally took out breaths away!

Outside, the square was packed withe people all bundled up in the cold (it was only 32 degrees, brrrrr). People brought there kids and dogs out. There were clowns and characters to entertain the kids. Local restaurants and organizations gave out free (yes, I said free) coffee, cocoa and hot spiced cider. There was a brass band, and several singing groups. The mayor spoke, the provost from the university spoke, and then Santa came.

The evening was sponsored by the local hospital and hospice, and honored the lives and memories of patients.

It was such a nice night! We feel so lucky to be part of community that remembers what the word "community" means.


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