Tuesday, December 18, 2007
Gonna go Round in Circles

Seems like I'm not blogging as many finished projects as I once did. Partly because I'm fighting a cold and haven't had the energy to crochet - which is pretty sad! I've been working on my first round ripple using Aggie May's amazing pattern.

I love this pattern!

Unfortunately, it looks like my hook size was wrong, so my ripple is a bit rippled. I decided early on not to frog it - perhaps I should have, but I've been adjusting my rounds to try and minimize the rippling as I move outward through the work. I also find that when I fold it - as it will be folded around a baby - the rippling really works itself out.

It's not perfect, but I think it's going to be pretty. Next time I'll make sure to use yarns of the same weight (my pink yarn is thinner than the cream and causing a bit of a challenge) and the correct size hook, and that should leave with me a nice flat finished blanket.

I have a ways to go until this one will be large enough, but I'm getting there.


Blogger Kelly said...

I always remind myself "babies are not flat" when things don't seem to lay right. Especially when I sew. I love the blanket.

Blogger Sara said...

That is lovely!

Blogger kathy said...


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