Tuesday, January 22, 2008
Another EdgeryDoo with Pooh

This is another Edgerydoo blanket that I made for Marine Corps Kids.

I love this Pooh fabric, and Edgerydoo makes it so quick and easy to complete projects.

I worked without a pattern for this one, and played with elements of other edging patterns that I've used. The pattern is original, but I've taken elements from a lot of other patterns that are out there, most specifically one from Lynn at Angelcrafts.
Here is how I did it:

This edging can be done around fleece patterns or around traditionally crocheted pieces.

stitches used:
SC - single crochet
CH - chain
DC - Double Crochet
HDC - half double crochet
TC - Triple crochet
slip stitch to join

Special Stitches:
V-Stitch = DC, chain 2, DC (all in same stitch)
Shell = HDC, DC TC, DC, HDC (all in same stitch)

Using my Edgerydoo, I cut and pierced holes around my fabric.

Using baby weight yarn and a 3.5 mm hook, I sc followed by 2 chains in each pierced hole, and joined my yarn to form my base row. Then:

Row 1: sc around entire edge (sc in each sc in your base row and in each chain stitch). slip stitch to join.

Row 2: Chain 5 (counts as first DC and chain 2), DC in same stitch, skip the next 2 sc, V-stitch in the next sc. Continue pattern around (V-stitch, skip 2 sc, V-stitch, etc) Slip stitch to join

I changed color here
Row 3: chain 2 in chain space of first V-Stitch. In same space DC, TC, DC, HDC. SC in next V-stitch space, Shell in next V-Stitch - continue this pattern around (alternating shell, sc, shell, sc in each V-stitch) Join to finish and you're done.

Very fast and easy to do and gives a nice wavy edge to a simple project.



Anonymous Kimberly~ said...

So cute!!! I am planning on ordering one of these. I just want to clean up my craft room so that I have the room to lay out the fabric to do the holes, before I order it. Great work, keep it up.

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