Wednesday, December 31, 2008
Marine Corps Kids

As some of you may know, I am involved with a great organization called Operation Marine Corps Kids.

Warning: Shameless Plug

My friend Deb and I organized this effort as a way to say "thank you" to our military families. Deb's son is a proud Marine who served three tours in Iraq, and Deb is very active with the Marine Corps Family Foundation.

Through the generosity of many crafters around the country, Operation Marine Corps Kids sends care packages to babies who are born while their father is deployed. These gifts of hats, blankets, sweaters and booties are a small and simple gesture of thanks to the families for their service and their sacrifice.

For every family that we reach out to, there are dozens more. We would love to send gifts to all of them, so I'm asking for your help.

If you are a crafter please consider donating towards our cause. Every item donated is sent to the newborn child of a serviceman. We also, sometimes, are able to send gifts for older siblings and the new moms.

If you are not a crafter, but would like to help, please consider buying and donating an item from our online store. These logo products are a great way to show your support, and 100% of the proceeds from sales go towards our costs to ship gifts to the families. You can also make monetary donations through our link at the Marine Corps Family Foundation site.

Most importantly, you all can help by spreading the word about what we do. Tell others about what we do so that more military families know about us and more crafters can get involved.

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Blogger Sandy said...

cSo nice of you to post more about this. I was reviewing my yarn to see what I had that would be appropiate and hope to get started soon making some baby things.

I thought I left you a note on the other site yesterday, but it's not there, so maybe I didn't do it right. Techy challenged here.

Do you tend to know ahead of time you need more male or female items? Or should we just go for it, and they match them up, as best they can?

I also asked if you know or have a way of focuses on a particular state, or base. I only ask that cause my postage total for my donations last year was something that made hubby blink. So, thought if I had the opportunity to focus in an area, perhaps closer to home it would reduce postage. Maybe thats not possible?

If we want to try something for mom and or older siblings to add to donations, how do we go about that? Or is it best to just concentrate on babies? Maybe you do the other things at specific times a year?

I really think I'm out of questions You're probably saying holly mooly girl.

Have a great wkend

Blogger Wormie said...

Hi Sandy,

As far as boys and girls - just go for it. I work with volunteers on base so often I know that 30 babies are expected in the next month, and we just send a large box for all of them. Our volunteers then distribute them to the moms.

As far as postage, we collect everything at one central address in Indiana, and then it gets distributed from here to bases or to individual families. You can send everything to Indiana - one at a time or wait until you collect a few things. Depending on what you make, sometimes its least expensive to make several things and then pack them like sardines into a flat rate priority mail box. I'm getting quite good at fitting a lot into a box. Another trick I have is I go to the dollar store and buy cheap ziplock bags, and put all the things that I make in one - it keeps things nice and clean. Then, when I zip, I squeeze out all the extra air. Makes things easy to mail, and keeps them folded and nice for the moms.

Send what you like, when you like. On the Marine Corps Kids blog, you'll find some donation cards that you can print out to send with your crafts.

Thanks so much for you interest.

Blogger Sandy said...

Thanks for all your answers Wormie. GREAT tip on the locks bags and it. I've started a blue baby blanket and will see what else I can do to add. I'll hop over to the other site to find the cards you spoke about and I'll sing out so you know when to stand at your mail box. lol

Pop in for a visit, I'll make some tea.


Blogger Sandy said...

Donations can be sent to:
Marine Corps Kids
2532 N. Skyline Drive
Bloomington, IN 47404

Is this the address I use to mail a blue baby ghan and hats?

Somehow, I thought I was mailing to you; but as I review things thats the only address I found.

Sealed the box and was just about to address, then realized I didn't print the cards you suggested. Sorry bout that, will try to remember next time. I did add one of mine so at least the receiver knows where it came from.


Blogger Wormie said...

Yes Sandy.
That is the address for donations.

Thank you so much!!

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