Monday, May 12, 2008
Fun Weekend

We had a lovely weekend visiting with family and friends! My niece Jessica celebrated her 30th birthday last week, and her mom threw her a surprise party. We were delighted to celebrate with her and spend some time with her extended family. Of course that means we got some fun time with my Great-niece Livie who is just precious in every way ( I may be biased, but photos don't lie!)

I made good use of the drive up to visit them by crocheting a Short and Sweet Child's Cardigan for Livie. I think it may be a while before she grows into it, but I just loved this pattern. It was fast and easy to make (I finished it in about 4 hours) and it's a really cute design. I'm sure I'll be making this pattern again. I used Bernat Cotton Tots yarn which worked well, but made the finished sweater a bit larger than I planned.

On Sunday, we met my mother-in-law and went out for a nice lunch. We didn't get to see my mom for Mother's Day, but we'll get to see her next weekend when we're in NY to celebrate my nephew's 8th birthday with him.

Lot's of great celebrations this month! Birthdays (my niece, my nephew, my sister and her husband), Mother's Day, Graduations. There's so much to be happy about!


Blogger Jessica & Todd said...

Delia - Thank you so much for being a part of my 30th Birthday celebration! It was so wonderful having you and Brian there. Thank you for the beautiful cardigan you made for is so sweet! You are so talented! We hope to keep seeing you on a regular basis and cannot wait to see your new house when it is finished. Thank you for all that you do for us! We love you!

Blogger Sandy said...

Tried to follow your link to see the sweater you said you made in route and it went to a sign in place for Lion Brand.

Speaking of sweaters, love your cute little mutli-color pink one with the hat. You've got a picture of it, but to leave a message I would need to have an account and sign in with flicker.

Is that a pattern you can share? It looks adorable, fast and basic enough I should be able to do while other things are going on.


Blogger Wormie said...

thanks Sandy.
The sweater pattern is on the Lion Brand site. They offer it for free, but you need to sign in to their site for access.

Anonymous Crochet Diva said...

She is a doll. I may try that pattern, myself. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so grateful to have you and Brian close enough to us to share special family events. The sweater and hat that you "whipped up" for Olivia are precious. I am in awe. It was a great birthday celebration for Jess. Your attendance made it even more special.

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