Monday, March 17, 2008
Oh Baby, Baby it's a wild world

but you'll get by just fine with a warm cuddly blankie!

This is another set that I've made for Marine Corps Kids. I think this fleece is just adorable! I used my scalloped edging pattern to finish the blanket and crocheted a quick cap to match.

Many thanks to my friends Marlene and Byron, creators of Edgerydoo. If I may say so myself, this blanket is really cute - but it has nothing to do with my skills. I just got lucky to find some really adorable fleece! With the Edgerydoo, its so fast and easy to make finished blankets quickly and easily. This set took just a few hours, and it will be a perfect blanket for a newborn, or carriage cover for an older baby.


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Blogger Elba said...

Seus trabalhos são lindos!!(Yours works is pretty!!)
Seu blog está na lista agora. ( Your blog is in my list now.)
Beijinhos! :) ( Kisses! :) )

Sorry for my English, ok? :)

Blogger Elba said...

I don´t speak English and I can´t read your blog too. But yours works(?) handworks(?, sorry, I don´t know...).
Well, your blog is beautiful, pretty, you're very, very talented, able...everything of good! :)

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