Thursday, February 28, 2008
Sometimes things just don't work

Craft-wise it's been one of those weeks where things don't fall together. I just can't seem to get things right this week.

I saw the most adorable hat pattern, and wanted to make one for my great-niece. I made it....but it doesn't look as cute as in the pattern.

Then I went to make Livie a pair of Happy Bunny leggings from socks. I totally messed up. Sewed them all wrong and had to scrap all of it.

Then I worked on an edgerydoo blanket. Didn't trim it neatly enough, and when I tried to hand trim it, ended up cutting off my holes!!


Well, tonight I'm redeeming myself. Made a pair of leggings for Livie. Not Happy Bunny - but cute Easter colors. Re-punched my edgerydoo, and I'm back to edging.

Next week, I'll have my game back on!!


Blogger Jessica & Todd said...

Hey...we all have those weeks where nothing seems to go right! We are so excited to see you this weekend! Cannot wait for you to see Livie...she is so amazing! Have a safe drive! See you soon! xoxoxox

Anonymous Jeanmarie said...

Misery loves company! I've been having that kind of week, too -- sewed my kitchen curtains wrong and had to rip out an entire sweater for my youngest daughter. Nice to know I'm not alone, and I'll be picking up and dusting off just as you are!

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