Thursday, January 24, 2008

I finally finished the crochet portion of my bead crochet project!

1505 beads went into making this - it was FUN!

I thought that stringing these beads and keeping track of the pattern would be incredibly tedious, but it really wasn't bad! It was sort of relaxing. Of course this is a relatively small project, and I might feel differently when facing a huge number of beads (though 1505 beads does seem like more than a few).

In any case, I'm more or less pleased with my work. It's my first try, and it's not perfect. The left side is nice and straight. The right side is a bit raggedy. I'm hoping that when I block and assemble that it will look a bit cleaner and be usable.

Many thanks for Kathy for teaching the class and sharing her pattern. I have to work on assembly now, but so far this class has been great and a lot of fun!!


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