Tuesday, February 19, 2008
Happy Baby Bib

Because a happy baby deserves a happy bib!

This simple bib was made from the free bib pattern on the Bernat site, and was embellished with a smilie face button.

This will be donated to Operation Marine Corps Kids.


Anonymous Jeanmarie said...

Another cutie! Your crochet is lovely and your charity work is inspiring, Wormie!

Blogger Sandy said...

Cute!!! I've never thought about making a bib with yarn. Back in the day I was big on those plastic ones you could wash off easily. Might have to give this a try.

Thanks for swinging by and leaving link for edgerytool thing. Yet something else on my list of things to get sometime.

I'm feeling dense, Wormie about the Marine Kids thing. I'm not sure after reading the page I understand who, when and where and what. Does the group actually have a list of people in need, by locations? Is it distributed through the service people themselves?

Sorry, sometimes when I read these things it just isn't clear to me.


obtw...I'm pouring wine tonight at 5...swing on by...the more the merrier.

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