Sunday, April 13, 2008

I'm not complaining, but the last few weeks have been crazy at work! Very long days, tons of travel and last minute changes. It's all good, but it's been exhausting and it has really cut into my crochet time!

Given the craziness, it seemed only right to make a crazy stitch blanket. This baby blanket was made with Powder Yellow TLC Baby yarn and trimmed with the color Naptime. It's a straight crazy stitch pattern, and edged with a simple shell. Seems like it took forever to finish, but I think it came out nice.

I will be donating this towards Marine Corps Kids donation drive for Month of the Military Child.


Blogger Sandy said...

I realy like this! Very pretty and soft yellow is always good for babies of either sex in my opinion. I've turned my blue blankie into a sache...seemed more appropiate given amount of yarn. Haven't photographed it yet though, and am currently working on a blue blanket. Would like to get this finished and send you both. I get confused with the various organizations, so when the time comes I'll probably have to ask you again how I go about doing that.

I'm excited though, FINALLY finished the sweater I've been working, swing over for a looky.

Have a fab. week

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just love this. Don't know the stitch, wish I did, but LOVE it.

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