Tuesday, April 08, 2008
Luck be a Lady
Whoever wrote that line wasn't thinking about lady bugs. They're cute little spotted insects, but let's face it- they're beetles - and they're taking over my office!!!!

I was actually shocked yesterday when I googled and found that the ladybug is NOT the state insect of Indiana. I've never seen so many ladybugs ever! My office is literally covered in them! They're everywhere!!!!!

I don't like bugs. They skeeve me, and if these were ANY bug other than ladybugs, I probably would have gone crazy by now! Lady bugs are cute, so I tolerate them, but enough is enough - they're everywhere!! It feels like a plague!

Ladybugs - please go outside and play. This worm has had enough!


Blogger Jessica & Todd said...

That is funny! As you know I love ladybugs but I think I would be a little frustrated too if they were taking over my area! Yes, we get a lot of them here...in the Spring and in the early Fall. Strange...huh?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What you have all over your office are not actually lady bugs...well, they are a kind of lady bug, but not the fat, red, cute ones. These are awful and come in swarms.

Blogger Wormie said...

Yes, Judy. they're not the really cute ones - they have odd under wings that click on the glass and vents and are rather irritating when they get tangled in my hair. I think most of them have moved out or died. I see a bunch of dead ones that need to be cleaned up and only a few live ones. I hope they've moved on.

Who knows - maybe the earthquake scared them!

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