Saturday, September 27, 2008
Sleepy-time Express

I'm still working on the blanket in my previous post, but that involves a little too many yarn changes to work on a plane. I had to fly to Orlando on business this week, so I used my Edgerydoo to prepare this adorable Choo-choo Train pattern fleece, and I made this blanket on the plane.

The pattern is a variation / combination of two of my edging patterns. I modified them to use a row of X-stitch to represent a train track with a row of puff-stitches to represent the wheels of the train engine. I think that these representations require a bit of creative interpretation but that any baby boy will love the soft warmth of this blanket.

To make this edging pattern:

Prepare your fabric by cutting it to the desired size and piercing evenly-spaced holes around the edge.

Using a 3mm hook, attach your yarn through the first hole, sc, chain 2. Continue working around the fabric placing a SC in each hole with 2 chains in between.

For the next round sc all the way around, placing a sc stitch in each sc and each chain in Row 1.

For the 3rd round do a row of X-stitch all around. [ to create the X stitch: DC, chain 1, do a sc two stitches to the right of your first DC (working backwards) Then working in a forward direction, skip 2 stitches after your first DC, chain 1, DC in the first skipped stitch - this will form an "X" pattern]

For the 4th round, I chose to change colors. Attach the yarn in the center of any "X". Puff Stitch, chain 2. Continue this pattern placing a puff stitch in each "X" with 2 chain stitches in between. [ To create a puff stitch: DC, yarn over, insert your hook in the same space, yarn-over and pull yarn through 2 loops. Leaving remaining loops on the hook, yarn over, insert your hook again in the same space, yarn over, pull yarn through 2 loops, yarn over and pull the thread through all remaining loops).

For the final row, SC all the way around. You will place your stitches in the top of each puff-stitch and then 2 sc in the spaces between each puff.

Join with a slip stitch, finish off, and weave in your loose ends.

I'll be making a matching hat for this blanket, and donating the set to Operation Marine Corps Kids.


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