Saturday, September 06, 2008
In a Yarn Basket
How delightful it is to find a fabulous local yarn shop!!! A friend of mine told me that there was another yarn shop in town, but I had never heard of it. Today, hubby and I took a drive, and ended up going right by it. Of course we had to go in!

In a Yarn Basket is a terrific store!! They don't carry any of the standard yarns that you find at larger craft chain stores. Everything there was smaller labels and the assortment was amazing! Beautiful cottons, wools, blends. Exotic yarns from alpaca, soy and corn. Lots of notions and patterns. And to top it off, a staff who all were friendly, funny and didn't look down their noses at crocheters.

Of course I left with a bag full of yarn - even though my stash is bursting. Supporting local businesses is a good thing, right?


Blogger Sandy said...

It's a sacrifice indeed, supporting local business is important and we all must do our part...ehehe


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