Friday, August 15, 2008

We're making really good progress on getting settled in our new home. There are still a few boxes to be unpacked and a lot of things that have to find their "place". All the art is boxed, and I know figuring out where to hang what will take a long time. Given all the work we have left to do, I shouldn't be spending a lot of time on crochet...... but, I do have my priorities.

My baby cousin is all grown up, married and expecting his first baby! This, of course, is very exciting news, and a very important reason to stop unpacking and start crocheting. I made this little sweater, hat and bib for my new baby cousin.

The sweater is a modification of the Kollegiate Hooker's Baby sweater. The bib was made from memory based on the Bernat cotton bib pattern. I made the bib on a plane while I didn't have access to the pattern, so it's not exact in size or in the shaping on the neck, but it works. I also substituted a lightly waved edging for the picot edging to make it match the set better. The hat was made with my Sugar and Spice Baby Hat pattern.

This set was made with Bernat Cottontots in Pretty in Pink and Wonder White.

I hope that my cousin and his wife like the set, and that their little girl will arrive soon, be healthy and happy, and have a long life filled with giggles and dreams come true!


Blogger Sandy said...

Such a cute little set, they'll love it! Must hope over from your link and check out the sweater pattern. It's sooooooooo cute!

Glad you're getting settled.


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