Sunday, June 15, 2008
Sometimes it just doesn't work

I made this little cotton jacket tonight, and it just doesn't work. It works in the sense that its wearable, but I just don't like it, and I'm not sure what would make it work.

I used the same yoke pattern as that from yesterday's sweater, but did an open mesh for the body and sleeves. I think I just don't like it.

When I finished it, I felt like I wasted yarn. Well - live and learn. It's fun to try new things - sometimes they work, sometimes they don't.


Blogger Sara said...

I really like it. I think it works. But I know what you mean about that feeling you get when you do something and then it just feels like you wasted yarn.

Blogger Sandy said...

I understand your feeling. We've all had that happen. Or when you're working on it, you don't like it so don't finish it. What size is the jacket? Could you add a row or two at the bottom of the not mesh...somehow I think it might have a more finished look to it? I don't dislike it as is, but maybe it just needs a little something. Maybe a crocheted flower of a bright color for decoration? Or a crocheted edge of another color?

Been making more slippers and booties, Wormie and have your Marine Kids in mind for them. Gonna be awhile though before I can enough of something else done to go with it and shipped out to you.

Some I think are larger than what is perhaps appropiate for your newborns.

Have a good one

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