Saturday, June 14, 2008
Thank you!!
To everyone who has left comments and sent me e-mails after my last post, thank you very much!! We're fine!

Last weekend was very long and not a lot of fun, but it's also all in the past. We were able to move all of our boxes and furniture. We lost some things, but not too much, and we still have a home. The owners of the house we're renting came down and we gutted the basement down to the cinder blocks - it's not pretty, but its safe. With new rain we are still taking on a bit of water, but there is little left to be damaged, and we now know where the water is coming from and can handle it pro actively.

Our new house took no damage from the storm and the contractors are working feverishly. We should be able to move in sometime next month and that will be a delight.

Hubby and I still have hives, and they seem to be flaring up for both of us. Last night mine were particularly bad and kept me up most of the night. We'll be buying Allegra today, and if that doesn't stop them, it will be time to see a doctor. Other than that, we're good.

The news for people around us isn't as positive. Yesterday we drove to Northern Indiana to attend our nephews graduation party (we couldn't attend the graduation last weekend because the roads were closed because of the flooding and we need to attend to the mold and water). As we traveled north we passed through some of the areas that were hit the worst. Still lots of standing water, and many many homes with evidence of a lot of damage. Yards filled with piles of rubble that just last week were people's furniture and belongings. A very sad situation.

Many towns around here suffered from the flooding much worse than we did, and are still trying to cope. We had very bad storms again yesterday. The news from Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana and other areas of the Midwest is really horrifying.

I so appreciate all your kind words and encouragement. It is a wonderful feeling when friends and strangers take the time to leave a comment or send a warm e-mail!! We are fine. A little itchy and tired, but overall, very very lucky. Thank you all so much, and please remember all those in other parts of the Midwest who are still suffering from these storms and need our prayers and help.


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