Sunday, July 06, 2008
In just a few more weeks we'll be moving again. This time should be the last move in a very very long time! I love the new house and can't wait to get into it. This rental house was a real stroke of luck when we found it, and it's been a great house for us in a great neighborhood! It is, however, somewhat too small for us and our things - including my stash.

My yarn containment system here was less perfect than that if Florida and far inferior to what we're planning for the new house - so my stash is somewhat messy and disorganized. I could shove it all in a big bin (or should I say 10 big bins?) and deal with it later, but this morning I had the brilliant idea of pulling out the yarn wider and turning this tangled mess of yarn into delightfully neat little yarn pucks that I can pack up and move to my new yarn containment system in the new house.

I love love love my yarn-winder, but winding more than 2 balls at a time, and winding when a wonderful new project it not imminent is somewhat mind numbing. I'm not sure how much of this stash I can do before my brain turns to oatmeal.

So I suppose the lesson is that I shouldn't maintain a stash, but buy yarn as I need it and make scrap-projects in between. Yeah, right!


Blogger Sandy said...

You're sooooooooo funny. Buying yarn when you need it, and using odds and ends up inbetween. Silly silly girl. Admit it, the disease has become chronic with you...just like the rest of us. Ball winder.......hey...why didn't you bring it over when I was winding all that yarn a few weeks ago? Hum....21- balls...oatmeal mind...oh yea big time...big big time.

So why are you moving again? And when is the big day?

Yarn containment system...sounds so very special, perhaps you could invent something? lol

Good Luck

Blogger Sandy said...

Moving again....can you hear me groaning? lol. Last time I moved I was daughter is now soooooooooo tis long ago.


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