Monday, July 28, 2008
Door Mat Pattern

I made this jute rug for my cats to “wipe” their paws when they exit the litter box, but when it was done, I realized that it would also make a great door mat.

I used Darice brand Jute Cord and a 9mm hook.

Start with a chain 45 stitches long.

Row 1) HDC in 2nd chain from hook and in each stitch across. Chain 2, turn. (43 HDC)

Row 2) HDC in each chain across. Chain 2, turn. (43 HDC)

Rows 3-6) Repeat Row 2

Row 7) HDC in each stitch across. Chain 3, turn (43 HDC)

Row 8) Skip the first 2 stitches, DC in next stitch, chain 1, DC in first skipped chain. ( 1 X-stitch completed). Continue X-stitching across the row. DC in last 2 stitches. Chain 2, turn. (13 X stitches)

Repeat Rows 1-8 four more times

Row 41-46) Repeat row 2

Row 47) HDC across the row. Chain 1 Turn

Row 48) SC across row. Chain 1 Turn

Finishing): Sc across row to corner. 2 sc in corner stitch. Continue SCing around the border placing 2 sc in each corner. Attach w/ slip stitch, and finish off. Weave in your loose end.

This pattern can be made with jute as a doormat, or as a small rug when made with rug yarn.


Blogger Sandy said...

was it hard on your hards? Wondered if it was rough to work with?

Blogger Sandy said...

Left you bunches of notes today. Took a long walk through your photo album!

Anonymous Crochet Diva said...

OoOH! Where do you get Jute??? I'd love to try this!

Blogger Wormie said...

I got the jute at Joann's, but you can also get it at the hardware store. There are several different kinds. The first one I got was very rough and "ropey" and very very hard to work with. The kind I used here is much softer and works up like a very thick yarn. The mat / rug has the right weight and flexibility.

Blogger mommylopez said...

Congratulations on being daily crocheter of the day. I love your mat. Thanks for the free pattern.

Blogger Wormie said...

Thanks MommyLopez!

Crocheter of the day? I feel honored. What is this Crocheter of the Day???

Glad you like the pattern!!

Blogger Anna said...

This is beautiful! How much jute do you need and how big does the mat turn out?

Blogger Wormie said...

Thanks, Anna!

I'm glad you like it.
I used three packages of jute.

I'll have to measure the rug later. It's about normal doormat size - and of course you can make it as big or as small as you like by adjusting the starting chain length.

Blogger Anita Vernon said...

Hi wormie,
I love your rug pattern! I am a bit stumped though. I have never done an X before.
I am to that part. After I chain 3 and skip 2 then I cross "back" to the first skipped stitch and if I do that, how do I continue on doing that?
I am confused,lol
Cna you help me? I love how it is looking so far!!!!

Blogger Wormie said...

Hi Anita,

Yes - the way you described it is correct. You are making an "x" with two DC. So, as you said, you do the first chain 3 (which counts as your first DC,chain 1, then you do a DC in the first skipped stitch - so you are going back in your work instead of forward.
For the next stitch, you want to skip to skip 2 stitches beyond the first DC (chain 3). then do your chain 1 and work a DC in the first skipped stitch.

This tutorial might help.

Good luck!!
Thanks for reading and leaving your comment!!

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